Insightful books on politics, written by politicians

That is another question I was asked yesterday, here are a few nominations:

1. Julius Caesar.

2. James Madison and John Adams, for the latter Discourses on Davila.

3. Some of Richard Nixon, scattered.

4. Ulysses S. Grant.

5. Tocqueville, J.S. Mill and some other political writers were also politicians of a sort but I am not counting them as I do not view their contributions as stemming so directly from their political experience.  Along these lines, you could try John Kenneth Galbraith's book about being ambassador to India.

6. Winston Churchill is a beautiful writer and important historian but I am not sure how insightful he is about politics.

7. Denis Healey, Time of My Life.

8. I've yet to read the new book by Zhao Ziyang.

9. Willy Brandt, My Life in Politics.

My knowledge is weak in this area (here is a list of Canadian political autobiographies and I know not a single one) and Google is surprisingly unhelpful; what else am I missing?  And why are there not more?  Are politicians so drunk with self-deception that they cannot write insightful books?


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