Matt Yglesias and Ezra Klein have a request

They ask that I direct more messages to Republican Congressmen (here and here); Kevin Drum discusses related issues.  They have a point and I'll state it more clearly: Republicans should support and indeed applaud Obama's attempt to cut some Medicare costs.  Republican Congressmen also should stand ready to make a "grand bargain" on health care, again provided that it puts Medicare on a sustainable cost basis.

If I don't write more "for Republican politicians," it is for two reasons.  First, I view their incentive as to make Obama fail, not to find an acceptable compromise that will move the nation forward.  Second, I view the future of Medicare as the President vs. Congress, not one party vs. another.  Democratic Congressmen will, ultimately, require persuasion as much as the Republicans or maybe more so.  I still think the real danger is not recalcitrant Republicans but rather that we will get a health care plan without plausible mechanisms for fiscal responsibility.  


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