Theories of multiple equilibria

On Sunday, a procession of more than 500 blondes paraded through the
capital Riga wearing pink and white. Many were escorted by lap dogs
wearing the same cheerful hues. Their goal: to use their beauty to
shine a little light into the dark mood caused by the global downturn

Though it was far from being a protest march, some women used the
opportunity to counter stereotypes. "I am beautiful, but I'm not dumb,"
Ilone Zigure told the news agency AFP.  The student added that she hopes that those of her countrymen who are
depressed about the economic crisis will find her "positive energy"

Here is the story (with photo gallery).  I thank Ryan Sager's Neuroworld for the pointer.  Here is a good general update on the country.


What are the odds that Tyler typed this post with one hand?

Tyler is too cerebral for pleasures of the flesh.

Interesting. I was in Latvia and Estonia last summer; I was struck by how youthful and beautiful both countries were despite needing nets to stop dilapidated buildings from falling down onto people's heads on just about every corner. (Not to mention the mental double-take when walking past Estonia's "First Bar, Established 1994.")

But Riga has a great Irish Pub and even a cute sorbet shop named after John Lennon:

What is up with all the chihuahuas? I didn't spot one Yorkie in the bunch. Not one!

Kudos to whomever came up with this idea, and to all the participants.

Holy Sh*t! I'm moving to Latvia!

These beautiful women are cheerful, but the term "multiple equilibria" in the title is a bit odd to me as a committed married Chrisitian male; although it would not have been odd to "The Inca" who had 10,000 women "available to him" for his pleasure.

Very good parade pictures. I watched all of them and I'm still impressed by the beauty of the Latvian women. I wonder if they're using skin products or or the skin is naturally that healthy. Anyway, their procession reached the purpose: I was happier after I saw them.

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