China markets in everything minus one

Al Roth has the scoop:

Those of you reading this will be glad to know
China bans electric shock therapy for internet addicts

has outlawed the use of electric shock therapy to treat internet
addiction, after a scandal at a hospital in the Northern province of

"Internet addiction has become a growing problem in
China, where officials believe as many as four million people spend
more than six hours a day online.
Several clinics have sprung up, offering parents the chance to "cure" their children of the uncontrollable urge to blog…"


Wow. If 6 hours a day is the litmus test, most of my friends under the age of 30 are addicts.

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"We didn't threaten him. We wouldn't do that. But if we did, we'd do it again"

Sorry, had to quench my urge.

Can you be addicted to publicly criticizing your government? If so, would you need shock treatments?

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Chinese children, especially in high schools, are supposed to study more than 10 hours per day to increase the chance to pass the national college entrance exam. Spending more than 6 hours online is not acceptable for most parents.

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