*In Fed We Trust*

The subtitle is Ben Bernanke's War on the Great Panic and the author is David Wessel.  Here is one good excerpt:

For Ben and Anna Bernanke, excitement was jointly doing the New York Times Crossword puzzle nearly every day — although they skipped the easier beginning-of-the-week puzzles.  "That's the one thing we do together," Bernanke joked.  "It's shows our sexy social life.  We're pretty good.  We can do the Sunday puzzle in about forty minutes."

This is so far the most entertaining and most readable book on the financial crisis.


Intense interest in crossword puzzles are a sign of being incurious. This is a sign of being a horrible economist :
Bernanke 2007

Now he is playing politics by describing violations of secrecy as being violations of "independence". What is the real reason he doesn't want the records for where our loans and money are flowing to ever be released? not in one year, not in two years...never. He is a criminal trying to hide his crimes.

I also read he's a big fan of fishing out your keys before you actually need them. He even thinks that says a lot about people, so if you find yourself in an elevator with him, get out your key.

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