Markets in everything, human carpet edition

A man walks into a bar. He’s carrying a carpet under his arm. He wraps
himself in the carpet, lies on the floor, covers his face and waits for
people to step on him. A sign taped to the bar reads: “Step on carpet.”

People step on the carpet – dozens, in fact. The more people who
step on the carpet, particularly if they are women in heels, the
happier the man is. Some are timid, others are audacious. Some dance on
the man. Some step on him while ordering their drinks, completely
unaware that a live body is underfoot. Some just stand there, frozen,
looking totally freaked out.

Four hours later, the man slips
out from beneath his carpet, folds it up, tucks it under his arm and
heads home. “It was a nice party,” he says cheerily, as if he were
talking about something far more ordinary, like, say, a backyard

His standard rate is $200 "a session," he seems to enjoy the work, in some situations he values the situation as a fetish, he once had ten women stand on him, and the market structure appears to be one of duopoly.  Here is more and I thank Jeffrey Valentine for the pointer.


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