Markets in everything, vending machines edition

John de Palma has much to offer today:

An entrepreneur who used
his redundancy money to start a business selling foldable shoes from a
vending machine is to launch in America.  Matt Horan's £5 Rollasole is
an emergency flat shoe women can change into from their stiletto heels
for the walk home after a night out.  The pumps are already on sale in
Ibiza superclubs Eden and Space(…)

Link here.  No, innovation is not dead:

…Katie Shea, a senior at
the Stern School of Business at New York University, is instead
pursuing her dreams of entrepreneurship. She has founded a shoe company
that designs and imports collapsible shoes that women can wear while
walking to work and then stuff into their pocketbooks…"

But where is the vending machine?  Scrub that one.  I want something different from my vending machines:

…Over the last decade, Mr. Torghele, 56, an entrepreneur in this
northern Italian city who first made money selling pasta in California,
has developed a vending machine that cooks pizza. The machine does not
just slip a frozen pizza into a microwave. It actually whips up flour,
water, tomato sauce and fresh ingredients to produce a piping hot pizza
in about three minutes…

Here are previous MR posts on vending machines.  Here is my favorite.


I wonder at what minimum wage/heath care insurance requirement it becomes cheaper to use capital as a complete substitute for labor (clearly in Japan they've already reached that but space is an important factor there as well).

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Babar -- Soda machines have no trouble accepting bills, and for anything greater than a couple dollars, you could swipe a credit card. I'm as likely to have three $1 bills on me as a European is to have three 1-euro coins.

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Fresh Healthy Vending Machines for Schools and Money for Schools. Fresh Healthy Vending donates up to $500 for each Fresh Healthy Vending Machine a school takes. Fresh Healthy Vending Machine Products meet or exceed all state nutritional guidelines.

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