Update on the public plan

Ruth Marcus tells Democrats not to go to the wall for it.  She is not personally against the presence of a public plan, she just doesn't think it is a "do or die" question.  There are other ways of making the sector more competitive, if need be.

Here is the veteran commentator Wisewon on the public plan.

As Ezra Klein indicates, the health insurance exchanges are a more important part health care reform.  Here is a progressive symposium on the public plan; read Paul Starr.

Brad DeLong writes:

We should set up a public plan, let it compete with the privates, and
see if it can provide care people like more cheaply than the private
insurance companies. Friedrich Hayek would approve: the idea is to use
the market as an institutional discovery mechanism.

Is this the SOE model?  I'm still stuck on what the public plan will be instructed to maximize, much less what it will end up maximizing after ?? years of Congressional interference.  And exactly who in our government will mimic the behavior of shareholders?


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