The value of personal experience

It's rare that I read something about Barack Obama which I had not already seen:

Barack Obama's last visit to Russia,
as a senator in 2005, did not end so well. He was detained by the
security services at an airport near Siberia for three hours, locked in
a lounge, his passport confiscated, like a scene from a John le Carré novel.

The Russians later called it a “misunderstanding.”


Ran afoul of the ex-KGB mafiya, eh?

Is it too late to nuke them?

Similar point made in the Economist:

THE last time Barack Obama was in Russia, he and Senator Dick Lugar were detained by border guards for several hours at an airport in the Urals, where they were looking at how American funds were helping to get rid of stocks of dangerous Soviet-era weapons.

Too bad they didn't keep him a few years longer. :-)

An airport NEAR Siberia?

Ditto Snark

Personally, I think Juicy Jewelry should be kept in an airport holding facility "near" Siberia.

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