When should one blog the obvious…?

Usually I try not to blog points which already have occurred to everyone, even if those points are true and important.  But today I will do so.

First, the idea of an employer mandate for health care is a tax on hiring labor in a time when, if anything, the hiring of labor should be subsidized.  On top of that is the proposal to tax health insurance benefits.  Keynesians especially should be upset about these developments, although I haven't heard many peeps.  Even if they favor this policy in the abstract, surely they are accustomed to the idea that the short run is very important, most of all for labor markets and aggregate demand.

Second, Joseph Stiglitz's idea that "the UN has a key role to play in "reforming the global
financial and economic system"
" is a bad idea.  It is a very bad idea.  We're past the point where "they can't do any worse than we did" is a good or usable argument.  Has the Public Choice revolution been such an unpalatable pill to digest?

On the brighter side, I did not agree with but enjoyed this comment from thehova (citing Michael Powell):

"Wilco" is a five-letter word for the quiet slaughter of all that is
elemental, passionate, and reverentially stupid about rock 'n' roll.


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