Against satiation

Why not apply behavioral economics to s**?  C., an MR reader, writes to me:

The theory, put plainly by me, is that the female (or male) partner in a couple is never cuter or more loved than just before fertilization, so why fertilize as much as we do? Why not once a fortnight or so (with sex without satiation 2x a day in between)?

I am told this will preserve true love forever.  Here is a related article.  Here is a related book, which I have yet to read.  Here is the main Google blast on the topic.

How many of you read this and then revise downwards how much you think you desire true love forever?


i can understand it extending the lifespan of truelove but making it last forever...surely you'd have to never fertilize to do that?

Adaptations executers vs fitness maximizers issue again? Genes look for signals that used to correlate with partner freshness, not for actual partner freshness, and if we know what to do we can easily trick them.

We really need some good data, how sex life improves or not with various kinks (which emulate freshness by increasing variety of sex), polyamory/swinging/etc. (where you actually have multiple partners in parallel), rapid serial monogamy (new partner every now and then), seriousness of relationship (is sex in more casual relationship of the same duration better?). This important subject is underresearched due to anti-silliness bias in academia.

My guess is that kinks would help a lot, and partner switching only moderately due to inevitable compromises on quality (finding 1 "perfect" partner vs 10 "decent" ones), but my evidence is purely anecdotal.

"why fertilize as much as we do?" Uh, is this a joke? Have you ever "fertilized" before? The answer should be self-evident.

why did you bleep out sex? Is this a dirty word now?

Marnia Robinson on what one might call the "blue balls" issue (which may not actually exist with gentle intercourse not to satiation):

When we got together as a couple, my husband switched from masturbating 4 times a week to zero orgasms, and he was amazed at how easy it was - after about 3 days of restlessness. If you're masturbating more frequently, you may find the "withdrawal" period more intense. Eight years later, we still don't "go for" orgasm, although it occasionally occurs. He also doesn't masturbate...or "swell up and turn blue," as he once said to physiology students who asked him.

The adjustment was easier than we expected, in part because we relied on daily bonding behaviors, and frequent karezza (gentle intercourse). Guess it's one of those things you just have to try before you see the potential. I know I did.

Since when "sex" is inappropriate word?

Satisfaction is a present certainty. Lifelong true love remains a service that may or may not be delivered as promised, up until the day one of you dies.

so where does 'self-pleasuring' fit into all this?

If you're masturbating more frequently, you may find the "withdrawal" period more intense.

I think Barb is just Tabarrok fooling around.

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