Krugman and Stross

Paul Krugman once wrote a very good and very funny paper that used economics and the theory of relativity to produce a Theory of Interstellar Trade.  Charlie Stross is a great science fiction writer who uses a lot of economics in his work so this joint interview at the World Science Fiction convention is self recommending.


Shirt collars from Troy, NY? Who cares. Krugman really sounds here like one of those old people who can't understand why things were the way they used to be. You can also tell neither Stross nor Krugman really believes in free enterprise-technology develops organically in their discussion, and the initial uses are either adult entertainment or crime.

I wonder if the answer to the Fermi Paradox ("where is everybody?") will end up being similar to the answer to "where are all the flying cars?". You expect an extrapolation, but instead things progress in a completely orthogonal direction.

That was excellent - I wish there was more of this kind of thing around

I think the Marginal Revolution guys should talk more about Krugman. Hopefully this will distract people who think that autistic economics isn't an offensive and wrong-headed concept.

"Dreams of space colonization are also a bit odd. No one wants to live in the Sahara or Antarctica, or at the bottom of the sea, but all of those places are more accessible than the Moon or Mars. It's just the romance of walking on another world that keeps the idea going."

But they'll sure venture into the Empty Quarter for oil.

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