Price controls in everything

Due to increasing demands for larger dowries, unemployment and housing
problems significant numbers of Yazidi youths are struggling to get
married in the Kurdistan Region today, raising fears of social unrest
among the small community.

It has been reported that some Yazidi families are now demanding a
dowry of between ten and thirty thousand US dollars to allow their
daughter to marry a fellow Yazidi.

But now, in an attempt to rectify the problem, the Spirit Council (the
Yazidi supreme religious council) has announced a new religious decree
stating that families cannot demand dowries higher than two thousand

Here is the full story and I thank Lars Christian Hvidberg for the pointer.  The first-cut approach to incidence suggests that wealth will be redistributed away from attractive and otherwise marketable bride prospects.  In addition, good-looking men should now "marry better," relative to wealthy men, than in past times.


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