Very good sentences

That’s right: someday soon scientists may be working to develop a pill that can mimic the placebo effect.

That's from Tom Lee, my source was here.


Hope the PTO doesn't grant a patent on that.

But how would you test it?

How much would you pay for such a pill if it was only 90% as good?

They already have it. It's called homeopathy.

Unrelated to anything but years back I begged you transhumanists to turn yourselves into a funding organization for cutting edge (those already healthy as opposed to fighting obesity) longevity-gains research instead of marketing impossible 1970s-era sci-fi technologies.

The CIA has just announced they've been using the world's best cold-water suspension researcher's research for torture. You guys blew it. I bet a couple tens of thousands would've helped his research and I bet the publicity alone would fund it. That was the path to cryonics dreams rather than backwards chaining from 1970s sci-fi writers.

That's great, but will it perform sufficiently well in a double-blind test to be approved by the FDA?

A family friend occasionally prescribed his patients Obecalp for whatever ails them. Cured em right up.

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