How to test theories of beautiful women

No, I don't mean you should do that.  I mean you should apply location theory.  Maybe you think that Alex's claims don't adjust for the nationality or ethnicities of the women under consideration.  Pick then a city of your choice in a country of your choice.  Ask where, in that city, can the beautiful women be found.  Will you find them in the most globalized parts of the chosen city?  Probably so.  Will the least globalized parts of the city have less attractive women or perhaps even the least attractive women?

I also believe, in accord with my previous hypothesis, that you'll find the most beautiful women in the parts of the city where different income classes mix and there is lots of inequality among passersby.  That's in a museum, or in the Village, not in a Tiffany store or even in most of the upper East Side.   

I think about location theory a lot.


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