Markets in everything

Occasionally I get jaded and think there won't be a surprising one of these ever again.  But then Allison Kasic comes along and restores my faith in the creativity of humankind.  Here goes:

Mountain climbers. Livestock guarders. Long-range spitters. And now
llamas have a new distinguishing role to add to their resume: golf
caddy. Yes, for $40 the llamas at Sherwood Forest Country Club
will carry your bags, accompany you on a nine-hole run, and maybe even
channel their peaceful temperament into quiet but unwavering moral

There is also a reason on the cost side:

Because of their soft, padded feet, llamas do not make marks on the
green and actually leave the courses with less damage than golf carts.

There is another reason given in the text, which I don't wish to reproduce here.  And it is possible to train them to do this work, or so it is claimed.  Finally:

“Some people have more fun walking the animals around than playing golf,” says Lautenschlager…

Addendum: Via John de Palma, more on llama markets.


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