My preferred exile

A loyal MR reader requests the following:

If you were exiled from the United States and had to go live semi-permanently in some other country, which country would you choose?

Another reader asks:

Let's say you had enough cash (would 10 million do it?) and needed to disappear. Where would you go? Option one, you only spoke English. Option two, you could endow yourself with any language(s) you wished.

Secondary question: would 10 mil be enough?

$10 million would be enough, thank you.  Toronto or even London would be obvious choices but then it's not interesting so let's restrict it to the non-English speaking world.  And I'm assuming the choice is for me alone, otherwise it boils down to how altruistic I am.

I pick either Berlin or Cologne, the latter for its central location in Europe.  In either city there would be plenty of art and music, lots of smart people to talk to, access to other good locales, and the near-certainty of public order, yet with bearable winters and good health care.  The key question between the two would be whether I need my Germany to be on the Rhein and conquered by Romans. 

Germany may seem like an odd choice but I prefer northern Europe yet don't want a small country or a very cold country and England is out by assumption.  The Mediterranean world would not be grundlegend enough for me, not for permanent residence.

Buenos Aires and Mexico City would be tempting, and more fun than Deutschland on any given day, yet I couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger on either one.  I can't stay up late (B.A.) and I don't like horrible air pollution (D.F.).  As much as I enjoy seeing the children and the families, the Spanish-speaking world is best to roam through. 

Asia has too much population density for my taste.

Would I really rather live in Braunschweig than Barcelona?


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