Preface to the Students

Here is the preface to the students from Modern Principles:Microeconomics, just now out. 

We love economics. We talk economics, argue economics, and think about economics every day. We use economics in our lives, not just when we choose whether or not to refinance our mortgage but also when we choose strategies for dating, keeping a good marriage, and parenting. Yeah, we are weird. But now a warning. If you are afraid of being a little weird, Do Not Read This Book. Once you have been exposed to the economic way of thinking there is no going back — you will see the world differently and that will make you different.

Will what you learn be worth the price? That is for you to decide. But we think economics is important. We need economics to make better investments and better life choices. Citizens in a democracy must evaluate issues of taxes, deficits, trade, health care policy and inflation. These issues and many more cannot be understood without an understanding of economics. Do you want to vote ignorantly or intelligently? The economic way of thinking will help you to understand the issues of the day and to explain them with confidence to others.

We won’t lie: economics can be difficult. Few things worth knowing come easily and to understand economics well you will need to master new tools and new ideas like supply and demand curves, marginal thinking, and equilibrium. We have worked hard, however, to strip away as much jargon and unnecessary verbiage as possible. We are going to give you what is important and not much else. We are also going to have fun.

Welcome to the world of economics.

Tyler and Alex


"Do you want to vote ignorantly or intelligently?"

Shouldn't that be: "Do you want to vote or not?"

"Citizens in a democracy must evaluate issues of taxes, deficits, trade, health care policy and inflation." Must we?

Will you be given the tools to think critically.

You guys rock. I assigned NO text to my intermediate micro class for fear that they would be buried in useless math and jargon. I would have considered your text, however :)

libert, full marks! (The answer we give does in fact discuss some of these issues including the use of prizes which we cover in the text as an alternative to patents).

Why are you on a first-name basis with your textbook readers?

Economics can be difficult???? Puh-leaze. I have a minor in Econ- easiest 5 courses of my curriculum. Econ is what engineering majors switch to when they flunk thermodynamics in their sophomore year. Sit in on an undergrad course in heat transfer sometime.


>Economics can be difficult????

Don't forget that the preface is targeted to the audience. There will be business majors taking these courses, and they'd not last two days in a difficult physics or mathematics course.

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