The day everything changed?

Even since I wrote Create Your Own Economy, which was not so long ago, I've come around closer to Alex's position on on-line instruction.  Today I read:

After several years of experimenting
with “hybrid” Spanish courses that mix online and classroom
instruction, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has
decided to begin conducting its introductory Spanish course exclusively
on the Web.

Spanish 101, which had featured online lessons
combined with one classroom session per week, will drop its
face-to-face component in an effort to save on teaching costs and
campus space in light of rising demand for Spanish instruction and a
shrinking departmental budget.

Adios a mis amigos!

Addendum: Elsewhere on the "everything changed" front, no one wants to buy The Boston Globe and Barnes and Noble's new e-Reader — Nook — will allow e-readers to "lend" copies to their friends, albeit in sequential fashion.


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