*Too Big To Fail*

That's the new book by Andrew Ross Sorkin and the subtitle is The Inside Story of how Wall Street and Washington fought to Save the Financial System — and Themselves.  Last night I read through to p.132.  So far it seems to be the single best narrative of the crash and its aftermath.  I haven't seen anything theoretical or on root causes, etc.  I chuckled at reading this sentence, which starts with Dick Fuld of Lehman Brothers picking up the phone:

"I know this call may be a little unusual," [Treasury Secretary] Paulson began.  "You and I have been trying to kill each other for years."

I'll let you know if my judgment changes, but so far this falls into the "recommended" category, noting again that it is narrative not theory.

Addendum: Here is Yves Smith on the book, very good post.  See also Felix Salmon.


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