Where would a do-gooder do the most good?

A loyal reader writes:

I am sitting down on a rainy night to try and dream up a future career… I am a humanities guy with a hobby in economics (not a engineer or coder.)  I want to seek wisdom, not riches; I want to do good, not become wealthy. I want to go where others aren't.

So here is the main question:

1) What would be on your list of unsolved problems that public governments or private enterprise are not addressing adequately? Which of these could be addressed by 1 person or by $1,000? By 10 people or $10,000? 100 people or $100k? 1,000 people or $1MM? 10k or $10M? 100k or $100MM. Where can I have a lot of impact even if I won't find fabulous wealth?

And here is my meta-question.  The problem is that market prices do not correctly signal the relative value of public goods or charitable goods.  So what signals should someone use if they want to allocate their labor (in the charitable sector) to the highest value product?


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