Markets in everything, Thanksgiving day edition

Get the dog involved in the festivities with Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner Dog Food! 12 cans for $21.99 on Amazon.
The description: "The house is filled with love and the wonderful
smells of Thanksgiving infiltrate the air. Could it get any better as
you fill your plate with juicy slices of turkey and all the trimmings?
We don't think Thanksgiving should come only once a year, so we created
this meal for your dog to enjoy all year round."

The photos are here and I thank Courtney Knapp for the pointer.


While buying yet another 40-lb bag of kibble for my beloved German Shorthaired Pointer last weekend, the local healthy pet supply house was giving out free sample cans of this very food. After returning from Thanksgiving with family a couple of hours away (this year I could not take the dog because the hosts had a new puppy and my dog is recovering from shoulder surgery), it was time to feed him, so I opened this can instead of his usual kibble with supplemental vegetables.

Wow, it smelled absolutely tasty, a true representation of the typical Thanksgiving traditional foods. Ingredients were impressively people-like, and he clearly relished every morsel.

Normally he eats a little yogurt, a little canned beans or carrots, and his usual high quality kibble, with only occasional people-food treats like salmon or lean skinless chicken breast. But once in a while a can of this food may become a more regular treat, if he does well on it.

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