Markets in everything

"Twitter-equipped scale tells the world how much you weigh."

How's that for purchasing self-constraint?  Or do you just stop weighing yourself?

For the pointer I thank Eric H.


Just wait until the first prankster sneaks into your bathroom and miscalibrates it...

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RE: "in front of a mirror with his shirt off"

I guess he didn't eat out much, which probably was a good start. He was probably the hit of the big family Thanksgiving dinner.

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I'm not sure whether to think that this is brilliant or to be disgusted by it. On one hand I absolutely despise things like Twitter and Facebook. People spend far too much time glued to their computer screens, concerned with their number of virtual pals, and tweeting that they just ate a sandwich to all of the people who don't care. I'll never understand the appeal of these sites, which is probably why I dislike them so much.

On the other hand, considering how many people do use Twitter, it seems like a fantastic way to ensure motivation on people who buy one. That's the main problem with this product, though. It gives its consumers a reason not to buy it.
So i guess the question is whether or not the development time that went in to this would have been better spent on a different product. One that doesn't shoot itself in the foot.

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