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Argentina is nearly the size of India, but with less than one-thirtieth India’s population.

The full story, which mostly covers dining in Buenos Aires, is here.


That's one reason you have to laugh when the Indians advise vegetarianism as a solution to global warming--uhhh, how about population control there, guys?

Population Control? ‘‘The women here are beautiful,’’ said my new acquaintance, a Mexican businessman named Hector. I agreed. Hector surveyed the dance floor. ‘‘About half of them are men.’’

If they won't do it voluntarily then maybe we need to put some birth control in their water. They won't even know.

Actually, vegetarianism as a global warming remedy isn't backed with facts.

The global livestock industry contributes more to global warming than the global transportation industry, mostly because the methane burped and farted by cows is about 23 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. And grass-fed cattle emits four or five times more methane than corn-fed cattle.

no no, see if you can show that vegetarians/environmentalists/hippies are advocating things that are consistent with other beliefs they have, you have disproven all of their arguments!

...both have a ritualized worship of the cow. but, i side with the argentines in thinking medium rare w/ fries is the proper form of reverence :)

Thanks "farmer", made my day.

That seems an odd sentence to quote from the linked article, where it's just a throwaway comment to say that Argentina isn't a small country.

For me, my years in the Patagonia felt I lot like my home in Nevada. The whole country is a lot like the U.S. with the lonely Patagonia being like the arid Southwest, just colder; the Pampa being like the the prairie Midwest; the jungles up north (where I never visited) being like the U.S. Southeast.

1. India is a mostly-tropical country. Remember that most of India has 2 growing seasons per year (look up "kharif" and "rabi").

2. The CIA world-book gives
India: land area: 2,973,193 sq km, arable land: 48.83%
Argentina: land area: 2,736,690 sq km, arable land: 10.03%

If I assume Argentina has mostly one growing season, then the above facts of geography alone allow for a 11-fold greater population in India than Argentina.

Regarding population control - in the subcontinent, India is the most successful after Sri Lanka.

In Buenos Aires right now -- turns out I love mollejas (sweetbreads AKA veal thymus gland and pancreas).

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