It was entertaining but I was expecting to be awed by at least one scene, as happened in Terminator, T2 and Titanic, and I was not.  The plot is identical to that of Battle for Terra, right down to the "tree of life."  Many scenes I felt like I had seen before.  Here is the helicopter gunship scene from Apocalypse Now, here is the men in robot suits battle scene from Alien (and one of the Matrix movies), here are the sky islands from Castle in the Sky, here we have the Dances with Wolves scene(s).  I am all for homage but this was pastiche.

The aliens were gorgeous, leggy, blue fashion models.  Nice, but Star Trek did the green alien girl thing forty years ago.  Personally, I like my aliens to be a little bit more well, alien.  All the way to another planet just to find that the girls are blue and the horses have eight legs instead of four?  Sad.

I insisted on seeing it in 3D but the effect was not revolutionary and there is still some eye strain.  In the end I would have preferred 2D.

I was entertained but I was not enthralled.


idiotic review

I get stuck on the little things. Would a tailed species evolve breasts designed to attract humans?

"I get stuck on the little things. Would a tailed species evolve breasts designed to attract humans?"

That is the least of this movie's problems with biological feasibility. I am more concerned with the talking tree that transfers consciousness between people and can somehow control the mind of apparently every non-sentient creature on the planet.

Thought about seeing it yesterday, but went and saw The Road instead. Excellent, but not for everyone. John Hillcoat's The Proposition may have been better.

I'm not sure people quite get James Cameron. He may be suffering from a little Lucas syndrome- self-inflicted expectations and having to compete with his own technical contributions to the industry. You simply can't feel the way you did when you were 14 and had never seen something like that before.

What does your brother think?

Watch it in 3D IMAX, and watch it everybody. You'll sit there for almost 3 hours, you'll not want to leave your seat even for a moment, and when it's over you'll wish to see it again. It is revolutionary, and even more so then any other movie has been before. Not only your immersion in the world of characters is absolutely unprecedented, but also the world is so rich and beautiful, to each and every small detail. And I can't criticize the plot as some people do, because I was living it, not watching it, and it was an interesting and beautiful life.

Saw it 3d imax. Loved it. don't give a damn about the story it's gorgeous. dream about flying after.

Saw it. Drawn in by the 3D IMAX but not totally; with all of the battle scenes and intense action I expected more effects leaping out of the screen. Loved the flying scenes, and all the scenes with the native fauna, or really, all the scenes. The movie consistently held my attention. The whole "living planet internet" was a neat concept.

Still good. Saw a blooper too: during the big mobilization scene, a soldier in the command center hysterically waves what looks like a gun, cheering everybody on. I think he drops the gun, or whatever it was he was holding, and it hits him on the head. I laughed but noticed no one else did in the theater. Did anyone else see this?

What Cameron has made as a wishful fiction for the future, has already happened in the past. Not with the European settlement of North America 1400's onwards.

The Mohawks and Vikings got that all worked out centuries before. It's in the Mohawk verbal history. Not without problems along the way, originally these 2 fought in Newfoundland but they got along in Quebec. Sub-groups on both sides. But eventually, once the groups talked as a whole, then they got an agreement & made peace & got along well for centuries.

So there's a pretty good example of a successful co-existence of 2 cultures that respects both.

If only Cameron had done that story instead. It would've been alot cooler ;)

No, a document shows one bureaucrat telling another that a former official alleges that officials gave false info to Congress. The guy sending the document makes it pretty clear that: [1] he is writing to the other guy because the rules require him to do so, and [2] that not even a preliminary investigation has been done. Nice try though.

Liz asked "Wait, you and Tyler both saw this tonight?


Well, Tyler saw it in 2D and Alex saw it in 3D, so I'd guess they didn't see it together.

"there is still some eye strain."

There always will be, until we get projected holograms. The automatic parts of your visual system are getting pulled in two different directions (literally) when the 3-D makes anything appear closer than the screen.

It's a must-see for all of us today, for its breakthrough 3D CGI visual effects. But it will not age well.

For one thing, the visual effects will be old-hat in 10 years' time, leaving the focus squarely on the clichéd story and uninspired dialog. For another, the story of Americans handed a stinging defeat by foreign insurgents will be less brightly appreciated after it will have happened in real life (consider that a sad prediction).

[I am the original Eric H, not the one above]
I am all for homage but this was pastiche.

Though I haven't seen it, the plot sounds familiar. I believe the "aliens" in that version were called Ewoks.

great movie. inteligent, meaningfull and expensive! just another view for the f.... humanity. hopefully we will see the beauty beneath the dark

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