It was entertaining but I was expecting to be awed by at least one scene, as happened in Terminator, T2 and Titanic, and I was not.  The plot is identical to that of Battle for Terra, right down to the "tree of life."  Many scenes I felt like I had seen before.  Here is the helicopter gunship scene from Apocalypse Now, here is the men in robot suits battle scene from Alien (and one of the Matrix movies), here are the sky islands from Castle in the Sky, here we have the Dances with Wolves scene(s).  I am all for homage but this was pastiche.

The aliens were gorgeous, leggy, blue fashion models.  Nice, but Star Trek did the green alien girl thing forty years ago.  Personally, I like my aliens to be a little bit more well, alien.  All the way to another planet just to find that the girls are blue and the horses have eight legs instead of four?  Sad.

I insisted on seeing it in 3D but the effect was not revolutionary and there is still some eye strain.  In the end I would have preferred 2D.

I was entertained but I was not enthralled.


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