Critique of *The Phantom Menace*

Despite some moments in poor taste, I thought this was one of the funniest productions I've seen, ever.  It's the only 70-minute video I've ever watched through, if that gives you another measure.  That said, I don't think he actually understands the movie he is criticizing.  Nor does he see fit to mention which famous economist Palpatine most resembles. 

I thank Scott Cunningham for the pointer.


I really tried to watch this, but gave up about 12 minutes in. He just didn't understand the movie, and ends up making some really dumb critiques that apply to the execrable and incredibly stupid Clone Wars movie but not to Phantom Menace.

I don't think it's the case that he didn't understand it, the dialogue he presents clearly shows that the plot wasn't understandable in the first place. It wasn't meant to be understood, but experienced along with a bunch of CGI.

I think most of what he says is bs, but I agree with him about the scene with the pizza roll. I thought it was odd and out of place too, even if it was the most compelling part of the movie.

Yeah, it's not so much he doesn't understand the movie, it's that he doesn't understand political economy. "Why would something called the Trade Federation want to blockade trade?!?"

I'm through the first of 7 parts. You'll notice that his comparison is basically against Empire Strikes Back when he contrasts the characters. Not a fair fight at all. Expectations expectations expectations.

That said, the prequels were a breakdown of division of labor and George Lucas as a shoot-the-messenger benevolent dictator surrounded by yes-men either intentionally or because all the no-men died is a good point.

The funny thing is that I think George accomplished what he was trying to do and he doesn't give a damn about us. However, by the time he got around to figuring out the character interaction of the Jedi it was time to make a dark, depressing movie that should have given "The Road" a run for its money. I'm a pretty patient guy, I feel like he waited 20 years to do a rush job.

Here is my wish list of people that should have directed the movies:

I: Paul Greengrass
II: Chris Nolan
III: John Hillcoat

George has all the footage on computer, he could give it to them for re-editing.

I was seriously wonder if James Cameron started planning Avatar right after seeing Episode I.

It's not a question of who directed the movies, but who wrote them. I had a discussion with some sci fi geeks in the '80s about Star Wars and they're complaint was it lacked a well-conceived universe. My take on the second trilogy is Lucas attempted to go back and give meaning to stuff that just sounded cool (Clone Wars).


Watch the rest of it. The best part is the behind the scenes film/documentary that was made. Look at the reactions of everyone in the room after the first screening. The faces say it all, but the discussion around what to fix only confirms it. They all knew it sucked, but were too far into the process to make significant changes.

Much shorter and very accurate:

That was brilliant. One must really watch to the end to see the behind the scenes footage of everyone's reaction at the first screening. It is clear that Lucas realized how bad it was.

most of his criticisms are of movie-making and story-telling technique, not theme.

Most of them are completely dead-on.

Star Wars is really a rip-off of Dune.

I don't think it's obvious that Tyler was joking. I don't think he was. This post is about as opaque as the movie itself.

I believe people who are getting mad at this guy need to lighten up (more than likely star wars fanboys). The guy still pointed out the poor characters and had people back him up to show how poor the characters were done. He emphasized the story was for KIDS so of course he didn't understand the 'trade/political references' but he is right. Star wars was made for a large audience not an adults only movie. Also the critique seems to be making his own view but I didn't get that from the movies. They did a poor job of showing that. Overall this review was good and by the way I think he put on that voice on purpose the guy from the red dragon series reference.

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