Gretchen Rubin’s *The Happiness Project*

The book is now out and yes it does add to her blog.

My current take on "happiness" (not the same as Gretchen's) is:

1. I believe in the "set point" theory, at least when our health and the health of our loved ones is at an acceptable level.

2. People should strive to be more interesting and more responsible.  Happiness may result as a byproduct, but those are more important values.  I would like to read a book called The Interesting Project.

3. Shopping and going to the public library (i.e., shopping at p = 0) make people happier, at least for a while.  You can do these activities repeatedly.

4. Most people aren't as interested in being happy as they claim, or seem to claim.

5. On net, Gretchen's tips will enhance your happiness.

Here is Gretchen's post on making effective New Year's resolutions.


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