Markets in everything

Instead of texting while driving, why not just do your work?  Here is a laptop steering wheel desk.  Some of the Amazon user reviews are funny.

For the pointer I thank Brandon Robison.


i bought one after reading about it on your blog. as i was carving my turkey going down the road, i had a wreck. now i have a totaled car and a knife wound somewhere that i won't discuss. as soon as i can get up without pain i will head over to my lawyers, Dowey, Cheatum & Howe, and get them to sue you!!!

owww! :O)

I read about this in David Pogue's NYT blog. There are plenty more examples of hilarious product reviews given by helpful readers in the comments- like the Three Wolf Moon shirt, a gallon of organic milk, and some other ones. It's definitely worth checking it out for some good laughs.

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