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Computers have certainly raised the marginal product of labor for anagrammers!

you all know about this, right?

I have a question for the pro-fed,keynsian,interest-rate-marxist who think that creating new fiat money has the power to make the economy better in the long run.

Don't the current wide regional disparities in economic fortune(e.g. 50% unemployment in Detroit versus 9% in Houston) call for different monetary policies? Isn't it unfair that we need to keep unemployment at 50% in detroit just because we are already at 2.4% inflation for New York City? Does your religion of interest rate decision centralization allow you to see these disparities?

If it is ideal to ignore these regional diparities for the United states then I take it most of you would also like a international interest rate deciding bank? If not then I'd love to know how you arrive at the ideal district size for your monetary polic czars?

obviously, that is right...but gold standard is out of the question for the pro-fed crowd. That wasn't the question. I guess your saying that as long as we don't have the gold standard you don't care if there are any logical consistencies or not? no questions shoued be asked or answered...I suppose I am hurting the Fed's sacred "independence" just by asking questions?

A gold standard doesn't permit regional variations in monetary policies either, it just applies the same procyclical policy to everyone.
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