What’s the IQ of the enemy planner?

I know that not everything reported in the newspaper about terrorist sting operations is reliable information, but still this passage struck me as noteworthy:

Pakistani authorities on Saturday zeroed in on the alleged mastermind of a plot to send five Northern Virginia men to Afghanistan to kill U.S. troops,

Is that how you would allocate the five men?  Yet even that was not allowed:

Saifullah was unsuccessful in convincing al-Qaeda commanders that the men were not part of a CIA plot to infiltrate the terrorist network. As a result, they were marooned for days in the eastern city of Sargodha, far from the forbidding mountains of the northwest that have become a terrorist haven.

I'm not pretending to know the real story, but "remove them from proximity to packed U.S. shopping malls, send them to Sargodha" is a strategy I can live with.  Alternatively, you can take this as evidence that they really were CIA plants.  In which case you can ease up about all the media stories today on homegrown U.S. terrorists, etc. 

One of them was an accounting student at GMU; I wonder which one of us he had for Principles?


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