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Sorry for not following anyone. I'm still trying to lear how to use this tool. JH

Yes, that JH is Jürgen Habermas.  From the world of print, here are excerpts from Habermas.  Here is a summary of Habermas on the "ideal speech situation":

In the earlier philosophy of Jürgen Habermas it is argued that an ideal speech situation is found within communication between individuals when their speech is governed by basic, but required and implied, rules. These rules of speech, Habermas suggested, are generally and tacitly accepted by both of the communicating parties, but even if they are not–perhaps in the case of one party telling a lie–the ideal speech situation nevertheless remains a more broadly required principle…Everyone is allowed to introduce any assertion whatever into the discourse.

Unless you don't know how to follow other people.  Habermas is, however, meta-rational in this regard.


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