Haiti fact (?) of the day

Is it possible that now almost eight percent of Haiti's population consists of orphaned children?  Reliable data are hard to come by but this one estimate suggests it might be true.  (Current living population is maybe 9.5 million (?), with the number of orphans estimated at 750,000.)  It is also the case that the Haitian government seems reluctant to let these children be adopted abroad, in part because it is difficult to tell which children are truly orphaned.

Addendum: Here is one estimate.


It won't be long before the issue will be: how many Haitian refugees do we accept. If we accept the skilled, what does it do for those who remain?

Before we get there, there should be some discussion about catastrophic emmigration. We had catastrophic displacements before the nation development of the nation state. We also had tribal wars.

What is the internal displacement potential within Haiti...what are the areas that people could move to within Haiti? Could the expansion of other cities within Haiti be better than emmigration? What are the costs and benefits of various options.

I took a stab at an estimate here:


Andrew's response (accept orphans) makes sense not only altruistically but as a way to help Haiti in the future. They'll be educated here and quite possibly return to their homeland to share their education as poets, musicians, doctors, and entrepreneurs have been doing.

@ shanthi-
indeed. i find it barbarism when people talk about removing children from their family web. Aunts, uncles, grand parents (and as Haiti is a catholic country, god parents. This is an institution specifically formulated for these eventualities) can all very happily rear children.
What IS of concern though is PTSD etc.

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