Price discrimination

The founder said he had heard of Cubans practically making a living by buying and selling items through Revolico. A regular customer said he bought Windows 7 from the site for about $5. After calling the number in the Revolico advertisement, a young man showed up at his front door and installed the pirated software on his home computer.

The article, which focuses on on-line black markets for Cubans, is interesting throughout.


Markets in everywhere, communism edition.

One of the things I've noticed about Cuba over the years is that the media controllers send in cleaners to erase things that are distasteful or threatening, but without any subsequent explanation. For example, anti-regime murals on Havana walls. Or dissidents who disappear. Communist regimes mastered the art of erasing history. Libertarian youth politics can be distasteful in the extreme as well. We should learn from that. In fact it may be most revealing. Perhaps the teachers of the students were at fault in setting the wrong example. It would be better if the historical record revealed the truth. By all means catch the nastiness if you can before it appears online. But if the 'cleaner' was on holiday over the Xmas break, and the evidence was on the wall for over 24 hrs, it becomes disconcerting in a free society if the evidence mysteriously disappears without explanation. A footnote in the relevant post would suffice to let us know that on grounds of natural justice (or whatever) offensive materials (e.g. "Beefcake" and "Sleazy") have been removed.

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