The AP critique of the stimulus

There is apparently a new study, from the AP, suggesting that the transportation spending of the stimulus has not succeeded in creating jobs.  The study now seems to have "legs," as here is lengthy NYT coverage.  Through some email forwarded to me, I have the impression (my apologies if I am wrong) that they are not circulating copies of the study for perusal.  Instead, the study has been reviewed by some economists, who seem to approve of it.  No one else is allowed to judge.  Does anyone have a copy of the original study?  Will the AP send me a copy?  The NYT piece — which seems to be written by the AP by the way — does not link to the study.  The AP won't link to their own study, or so at least it seems.

Loyal MR readers will know that I have been critical of most of the stimulus program.  Still, phantom studies should not be receiving serious media attention.  It's time for the AP to put up or shut up.

Comments are open, as is my email, I would like to see a copy of the study.

Addendum: from Matt Apuzzo, at the AP:


If either of you would like to chat about the AP's analysis, I'm happy
to provide you the sources of our data and walk you through the
statistical tests we conducted. Nothing we did is a secret, but there's
no actual "study" to provide you, like there is in academia. The
professors reviewed some spreadsheets and statistical tests, talked
methodology, made suggestions on other tests to run, and overall made
sure we weren't reading things incorrectly. All of this feedback
ultimately contributed to our final conclusion, but there's no executive

Give a call, I'm happy to help.


What do you all think?


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