The Haitian Renaissance of 2010

A spokesman for the Maryland-based company said a Comfort Inn will open in the Caribbean coastal city of Jacmel this May.

The 32-room motel will be owned by a New York-based group of Haitian-American investors. The partners also plan a 120-room upscale hotel at the nearby Belle Rive tourism development this fall.

The full story is here.  Over the last year Haitian exports rose 23 percent and the country is expected to grow at a rate of 2.4 percent, only one of two countries in the Caribbean expected to have positive growth, Guyana being the other.  Here are the recent economic growth rates of Haiti.  Here is a photo of Jacmel.


When the Lonely Planet/"Leonardo" backpacker crowd starts going to Haiti, then I'll believe in the "Haitian Renaissance".......

Could it be the economic partnership with Venezuela?

Farmer, I have been to Jacmel.


I hope you never anticipate a renaissance where I live. I've seen photos of Port-au-Prince this morning.

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I read some similar things on the luton parking website and wanted to say that I'm amazed of how many investors are already planning hotels in Haiti and how fast they actually want the whole thing ready.

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