The culture that is Japan

“The concept of this restaurant is that Robot No. 1 is the manager, which boils the noodles, and Robot No. 2 is the deputy manager, which prepares for soup and puts toppings,” said Famen’s owner, Kenji Nagaya. “Human staffs are working for the two robots.”

Here is much more, interesting throughout.  Here is one more bit:

One entry, Beerbot, detects approaching people and asks for beer money. When it acquires enough, it “buys” itself a beer. Bystanders can watch it flow into a transparent bladder. As for other humanizing behaviors, “like a robot that doesn’t stop short at lighting a cigarette but actually goes ahead and smokes it?” Mr. Wurzer says, “We had that.”


Will they ever acquiesce to immigration or go more gung-ho with robots? And if the latter, will that be 'successful'?

We were promised flying cars. We get drunk robots belching cigarette smoke.

Even the robots say deflation is a bummer.

Speculation about whether they can simulate human feelings leaves out a big issue - how far away are they from making cheap, mass manufactured robots which will take away service sector jobs like supermarket checkout, manufacturing, cooking.
The article says that there are still many difficulties, but I am surprised that they are already in the same ballpark. The robots in the artice cost 100K, that is not actually that high, 2-4 jobs in the service sector(depending on salary) for a single year. And this is before manufacturing at a large scale.

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