*A Brief History of Liberty*

That is the new book by David Schmidtz and Jason Brennan.  It is ideal for anyone looking for a broad overview of human history from a classical liberal point of view.  Self-recommending, as they say.  Buy it here.  Here are Schmidtz and Brennan on CatoUnbound.


How can anybody take that stuff seriously? They write:

"Time-honored conceptions of liberty tend to be time-honored for a reason."

And then three paragraphs down they write:

"We share Berlin’s concern about giving governments a license to do whatever it takes in order to promote positive liberty."

Ah, time-honored except when it disagrees with their ideology.

The whole thing is stuffed with value judgements masquerading as philosophy. It is an embarrassment.

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I loved this book.I think one can get knowledge about economic development through this book.

a great book, co-written by one of my former professors. Shmidtz and Brennan are analytic, thorough, and accessible writers.

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