Assorted Links

1. More on Israel's new "no-give, no-take" organ donation system.

…Robby Berman, founder and director of the Halachic Organ Donor Society,
a Jewish organization based in New York, said ultra-Orthodox Jews can't
have it both ways…. "Every Jew has a right to be against an organ donation, but then you can't come and say 'give me an organ.''

2. Are birds shrinking due to climate change?  At last, the climate change and evolution deniers can unite.

3. Not from the Onion: Apple: Free iPad With Every Replacement Battery.

4. Chinese airports at nowhere:

"…when the $57-million airport opened in late 2007. Local officials were
so confident that tourists would flock to this beautiful, mountainous
county in southwestern China that they made the terminal big enough to
accommodate 220,000 passengers annually…A grand total of 151 people flew in and out of Libo last year."


5. Inhalable chocolate and coffee.

6.  Matt Ygelsias, world's most underpayed blogger?

Hat tips to Daniel Lippman and Dave Undis.


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