Markets in everything: opera for babies

Yup, real baby babies, not non-real grown-up babies:

Scottish Opera is attempting to reach beyond its normal audiences of middle-aged music buffs by launching a series of concerts aimed at infants, aged between six and 18 months.

The experimental performances, to be staged at venues across the country, will feature no lyrics, narrative or plot. Instead, classically trained singers will create baby-friendly noises, such as Wellington boots splashing in puddles, buzzing bees, quacking ducks and the fluttering of feathers.

The audience will also be encouraged to gurgle along to the score and to crawl over a furry garden set, featuring hand puppets and a range of themed props.

There are many quote-worthy paragraphs in the article.  Like this:

“We were advised that when you are seven months old you are still not focusing very well [TC: I doubt this] so we have created a tactile garden set.”

Davidson said test performances had confounded expectations. “We expected it to be quite noisy, but we were delighted when we saw the happy expressions on their wee faces,” she said.

Or this:

“When I first mentioned the idea of opera for babies, some people looked at me as though I was demented. People would roll their eyes and say, ‘You can’t expect a six-month-old child to sit through a performance of Wagner,’ ” said Davidson.

“Of course, that was never going to happen, but some people still have fixed opinions of what they perceive opera to be. We believe this project will show just how robust and flexible an art form it is.”


If the sopranos project their voices as they usually do in opera, then they could unwittingly be torturing the helpless babies. (It is torture for me to listen to operatic sopranos.)

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"I love you, you love me, I'll still kill you in Act III." -- Barney the Dinosaur (disguised as the Countess' maid Barnita).

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One thing is certain and that is the markets have advanced significantly this year. The adage that a rising tide lifts all boats seems appropriate as it relates to many of the market indices this year.

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During these tough economic times it is surprising to read about a business venture like opera for babies. Though you have to applaud the creator for his or her creativeness, it seems a bit farfetched for many people during this time to pay good money for their 6-18 month old to go to an opera, when diapers and formula are expensive. Being an entrepreneur is a risky life style because you have to take chances, because nothing is ever guaranteed. I personally would recommend this entrepreneur to hold off on this idea for a year or two when the market for this maybe more in demand. I think it will be a great business venture for Scottish Opera one day but not today. It has potential with the limitless advantages it could bring babies in their developmental growth, but that is not the highest priority among many families right now. It is more about will I have a job tomorrow, than taking a baby to the opera.

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Well they do say that classical music helps increase intelligence in children under five, so opera would fall in the same line. Thay may be a very viable audience to appreciate the music and possibly fall soothingly asleep too.

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Not so sure about this idea.Taking my baby to see this would require me sitting thru opera as well,and i`m not sure i could ,lol.

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