Advertising markets in everything

A Springfield man with colon cancer who has been told he has just months to live is selling advertising space on his urn. Aaron Jamison told KVAL-TV he hopes to raise $800 to help his wife Kristin pay for the cost of his cremation.

One friend, restaurant owner Dustin Remington, has already paid $100 for an ad. Jamison plans to hand-paint the ad on his urn.

The story is here and I thank Daniel Lippman for the pointer.  In the meantime, also from Daniel, a town in Washington state sells on eBay for $360,000.


Someone might like to put the dying man in touch with the post mortem pencil designer. 240 pencils stamped with the name of the person can be made from an average body of ash. It would greatly extend the lifetime of the advertising if this were also stamped on the pencils. The link is --

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Advertisements on urns are sort of like advertisements on blogs: some blogs have lifeless content.

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