Markets in everything watch

Bored guests at a certain Crowne Plaza hotel can now skip the pricey mini-bar and hop on an exercise bike, generate some electricity, and earn some meal vouchers. The hotel in Copenhagen started the free meal idea as a way to boost guests' fitness and shrink their carbon footprint, according to the BBC.

The bikes are hooked up to generators that require guests of average fitness to pedal for about 15 minutes to create 10 watt-hours of electricity. iPhones attached to the handlebars display the amount of power being generated.

Hitting the 15-minute mark earns lucky exercisers a $36 meal voucher…

There's more here, courtesy of Daniel Hall.  Then there's Washington Express:

  • Washington Express has a professional Line Standing team that specializes in monitoring congressional hearing schedules, as well as the demand for particular hearings.
  • Washington Express constantly checks the demand for individual hearings so we can accurately suggest the proper line standing starting time.
  • Washington Express regularly surveys committee websites to check for hearing re-locations and postponements so that your line standing is done at the right time and place.

The rate is $36.00 an hour and that one comes from Timothy McKenna.

Darren Johnson sends along meteor hunting in Wisconsin.


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