Questions to ponder

I enjoyed this one, from The Browser:

It is 1975, and you are a 26-year-old high-school art teacher, the divorced mother of a 3-year-old boy, living in Russellville, Ark. You hear that a world-famous novelist is in town for one night, so you wangle an invitation to the party in his honor, hoping he’ll autograph your book. You find yourself smitten with this 52-year-old man – as he is with you – and at the end of the evening you go home together. After he leaves, you pour out your heart in a love poem and mail it to him. He mails it back – copy-edited, in red pencil. Do you:

a) Hop a plane to New York and strangle him with your bare hands?

b) Quit your job, move to New York with your son and become the guy’s sixth wife?

That's the story of Norris Church Mailer and Norman Mailer. 

Norris says she believes in an afterlife. So she expects to see Mailer? “Hopefully not for a while,” she said quickly. “I need a break.”

The clincher is this:

When people asked, “Which wife are you?” her answer was, “The last one.”

She also had had a fling with the unmarried Bill Clinton, in Arkansas.  The article is interesting throughout.


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