The culture that is Dutch

Potholes, stray garbage, broken street lamps? Citizens of Eindhoven can now report local issues by iPhone, using the BuitenBeter app that was launched today. After spotting something that needs to be fixed, residents can use the app to take a picture, select an appropriate category and send their complaint directly through to the city council. A combination of GPS and maps lets users pinpoint the exact location of the problem, providing city workers with all the information they need to identify and resolve the problem.

Here is more information, via BrainPicker.  I wonder how well this would work in Rhode Island?


Here in the UK we have a very similar system, produced by the awesome MySociety group: - they also have iPhone and Android apps.

In fact, all of the apps that MySociety have produced are amazing - do check them out. They are definitely improving civic engagement.

In Baltimore we have an on line 311 system that makes it easy to open tickets and work requests, much like this. It is the best way to get problems addressed, and tickets seem to be worked and closed in a day or two. An Android ap would be an appreciated addition.

And in the US....

Has been around in Pittsburgh for a year...

I am curious why you wonder if it could work in RI specifically?

In Eindhoven they don't have to deal with Peter Griffin flooding the system with pictures of his butt.

Portland, OR:

Now, reporting is a little different than getting things fixed... So, yes, while it's great that any iPhone carrying hipster can report a problem, chances are its resolution is quite far away.

It would be useful in Ithaca to identify roadkill. Some vermin have been on my way to work for weeks, but I forget about them again by the time I get to work to phone it in. ... hmmm, maybe I should do that now.

Robert, Thanks for that info, I didn't know the southern areas were Catholic. Wikipedia says the entire country is only 26% Catholic, about the same as the US. But based on your information about the southern Netherlands I doubt whether religion explains the cultural differences between the Netherlands and RI. Religion is probably masking other cultural differences.

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