The legal system in Zimbabwe

Victims of crime in Zimbabwe's capital city Harare are now allowed to ferry the alleged perpetrators of those crimes from prisons to court after the state prisons service ran out of fuel, according to local reports Thursday.

Conditions have improved significantly in Zimbabwe's 42 jails since last year when an estimated 1,000 inmates had died in the first six months of the year of disease and neglect. But the Department of Prison Services still cannot provide transport to take prisoners awaiting trial to court.

The story is here (or try this link) and I thank Craig Richardson for the pointer.  Here is Craig on the collapse of Zimbabwe.


Isn't this the privatization that you often speak so lovingly of?

In Venezuela it is the same. Prisoners have to pay to the government officials to be taken to court. And in jail they must pay for guns, phones,food, clothes and even for the space to stand on. Once 3000 were killed in a single mutiny. The inmates played soccer with the head of one gang leader and a fire followed.
And is public run service in its enterity

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