What should World Bank development economists do?

World Bank development economists, most of all.  I'm giving a talk on this topic tomorrow at the World Bank (South Asia division) and I thought I would solicit your advice and opinions.  If you could reallocate the effort of economists within the World Bank, what would you propose?  More big picture study?  More RCTs?  Should they spend more time refuting the simple fallacies of the economically illiterate?  Or should they invest in a stronger capacity for technical economics?  Should they offer more concrete advice on how to write incentive-compatible contracts for projects?  Should they calculate theories of the net bias in remaining World Bank institutions (too many contracts?) and act to counter those biases?  Or should they more or less give up on the idea of development and spend their time promoting the idea of freer immigration, as Michael Clemens does?

Sarcastic answers are welcome too.

What should World Bank economists do?


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