German price deflation

Deutsche Gramophone, 18 CDs, first-rate recordings of Mahler with Karajan, Solti, Bernstein, Quasthoff, others.

How much?  30,98 euros.

The overall price inflation rate is now 0.9 percent, positive.

I thank John Nye for the pointer.


The same CD set can be found on Amazon's US site --
How much? $62.99

This works out as $62.99/30.98euros = $2.033 per euro
Current exchage rate is about $1.24 per euro

30.98 euros x $1.24 per euro = $38.42
Of course shipping is free for the Amazon US site in the US.

If only one could eat them...

On the other hand, new releases by contemporary artists tend to be much more expensive in Germany than in the US. For instance, 'Recovery' by Eminem (first on the bestseller list on is priced at €14.95 ($18.5) vs $9.95 on

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