How Germans use bees

Airports in Germany have come up with an unusual approach to monitoring air quality. The Düsseldorf International Airport and seven other airports are using bees as “biodetectives,” their honey regularly tested for toxins.

…Beekeepers from the local neighborhood club keep the bees. The honey, “Düsseldorf Natural,” is bottled and given away as gifts.

The article is here and I thank David Wessel for the pointer.


That's great. If there are any kind of poison gas in the airport, they can find out via the bee honey, sometime around the following Spring.

The first two commenters seem to have a very American perspective. When I (a German) read "air quality" I thought about exhaust emmissions and pollution, not toxins and terrorism.

btw: following the link would have helped.

Shouldn't this have been titled "Markets in Everything"?

It's not about terrorism but about studying long term ill-effects on neighbours by trace gases. I think it is a nice idea (though a bit lacking in the "certainty" department).

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