Markets in everything

How much would you spend for a good night's sleep?

Some people
might say $33,000. That's the price of E.S. Kluft & Co.'s
hand-tufted, king-size Palais Royale mattress and box spring, currently
the most expensive American-made mattress set on the market. The company
says it has sold about 100 since introducing it in 2008.

Or maybe
it's $44,000–the price tag on Kluft's Sublime model, which the company
has teed up for a launch later this year.

…Hästens says it takes 160 hours to assemble this mattress entirely by
hand, which has a Swedish-pine frame with thick layers of horsehair,
cotton, flax and wool inside. The company says since introducing the
mattress in 2006, it has sold 250 of them world-wide.

Laugh all you want, but if I were rich, this is something I would spend my money on.  Given how much time we spend sleeping, most people are oddly unconcerned about the quality of their bed, pillow, and so on.

The full story is here and I thank Eric John Barker for the pointer.


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