The U.S. Soccer President, Sunil Gulati

Gulati graduated Magna Cum Laude from Bucknell University and earned his M.A. and M. Phil. in Economics at Columbia University. He served on the Columbia Economics Faculty from 1986 to1990 before joining the World Bank through its Young Professionals Program in 1991 and serving as country economist for the emerging country of Moldova.

The full story is here, hat tip Yoram Bauman.  Is he still a Lecturer thereThis interesting Jonah Lehrer article, via Michelle Dawson, covers the U.S. goalie:

He [Howard] refuses to take medication for [Tourette's] for fear it will make him "zombielike" and impair his motor skills. "I'm very adrenaline-filled, and I wouldn't want to suppress that," Howard said. "I like the way I am. If I woke up tomorrow without Tourette's, I wouldn't know what to do with myself."


Yes, Sunil Gulati teaches undergraduate courses in Principles of Economics and The Global Economy at Columbia.

He's actually one of the more popular lecturers at Columbia:

According to the New Yorker profile, the Tourette's in this case is mild (and involves no cursing) and is supressed during the actual games. Its an interesting eccentricity. I remember a one-handed pitcher during the early 1990s.

He is a very popular professor who teaches two introductory level economics courses for undergraduates at Columbia University.I have heard from many students that he is slightly arrogant.

Here's an extensive interview with Gulati from ESPN, in case anyone cares about his views on US soccer:

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