Markets in Everything: A Puzzle



Corporate social irresponsibility?

Mercer and Broadway do not intersect. I live at Canal and Mercer.

Yet on both these streets, these products are sold.

Indy has just won the internets.

I don't know about Prof. Tabarrok, but I'd say "sold on [street1] and [street2]" if something can be purchased on either street (or both).

I'd say "sold *at* [street1] and [street2]" if I meant the intersection.

BTW: +1 to Indy

Familiar novelty store gags marketed as "seat savers". But maybe people buy them as gags anyway.

Notice it did not say "sold 'at' Broadway and Mercer."

dazzling and outstanding; every girl will be happier

As someone who is interested in urbanism and was unaware of HafenCity, thanks for the coverage! I haven't had time, though, to do little more than quickly skim most of the links, so I may have missed it, but most of the articles seem to gloss over an angle of the story that really interest me:

thanks for your great website! ^^
So why you do this?

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